Taxes and Utilities


Property taxes and assessment

The Finance Department is responsible for administering and maintaining property tax and assessment information, including the issuance of tax certificates. Annually, City Council approves the City of Spruce Grove's operating and capital budgets. From the approved budget, the City establishes a tax rate (mill rate) to be applied to property assessments.

Tax facts

Personal property taxes are calculated in two steps. First, the City Assessor prepares an assessment of your individual property. Second, the City sets tax rates for classes of properties such as residential and non-residential property. Property taxes are calculated on the prior year's assessment.

The annual assessment role is prepared by the City Assessor, audited by the Province and subject to change by the Assessment Review Board through the appeal process.


The Finance Department also deals with establishing and maintaining utility accounts, and processing utility bills. The City of Spruce Grove is responsible for the provision of water and waste management services to its residents, and is committed to delivering sustainable services.