Plumbing Permits

Permits and inspections are a preventative measure and at a small cost you can avoid major problems in the future. Purchasing permits which includes inspections, is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

The following are examples of installations that require permits: single and multifamily dwellings, commercial projects, garages, additions, renovations, basement development, new wiring, new plumbing work, private sewage (rural), new gas lines, etc.

A Plumbing Permit Application PDF and fee is required when adding plumbing fixtures to a new residential dwelling, or non-residential building including multifamily, institutional, commercial or industrial.

For existing residential, or non-residential buildings a plumbing permit application and fee are required when breaking concrete, and when you are changing or altering stacks and/or venting.

Note: Fees below do not include Safety Codes Council Fees. Safety codes permits for multiunit residential and non-residential projects must be applied for by a licensed contractor.

Fees Based upon number of fixtures         

Up to 5 fixtures $100
More than 5 fixtures $100+ $9.50 per fixture over 5
New appliance, appliance replacement, or similar retrofitting involving one fixture $85

A minimum $4.50 (or 4.0% of permit cost - whichever is greater) to a maximum of $560.00. Safety Codes Council Fee shall be added to all building, electrical, gas and plumbing permits.