Gas Permits

Permits and inspections are a preventative measure and at a small cost you can avoid major problems in the future. Purchasing permits which includes inspections is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

The following are examples of installations that require permits:

  • single and multifamily dwellings
  • commercial projects
  • garages
  • additions
  • renovations
  • basement development
  • new wiring
  • new plumbing work
  • private sewage (rural)
  • new gas lines

A Gas Permit Application PDF and gas permit fee are required for residential and non-residential outlet installs, propane tank sets (new or replacement), temporary propane or natural gas heating (includes tank set), gas or propane cylinder refill centres, and replacement commercial or industrial appliances per unit.

Note: Fees below do not include Safety Codes Council Fees. Safety codes permits for multi-unit residential and non-residential projects must be applied for by a licensed contractor.

Fees based upon number of outlets or BTU   
Residential (up to 3 outlets) $105
Residential (more than 3 outlets) $105 + $18 per outlet over 3
Non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) up to 150,000 BTU $0.00103 per BTU, minimum fee of $92.70
Non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) up to 150,001 t0 250,000 BTU $154.50 + $0.000412 per BTU over 150,000
Non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) 250,001 to 1,000,000 BTU $195.70 + $0.0001545 per BTU over 250,000
Non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) over 1,000,000 BTU $311.58 + $0.0001545 per BTU over 1,000,000
New appliance, appliance replacement, or similar retrofitting involving one outlet $90
Propane cylinder refill centres $283.25 
New propane tanks / replacements $95 
Temporary propane / natural gas (includes tank set) / construction heater $95 
Permit extension fee 50% of original permit fee, with a minimum of $65
Review of alternative solution proposal for any of the above $103 per hour, minimum two hours

A minimum $4.50 (or 4.0% of permit cost - whichever is greater) to a maximum of $560.00. Safety Codes Council Fee shall be added to all building, electrical, gas and plumbing permits.