Fire Permits

Fire permits are often required in Spruce Grove for activities that are expected to produce flames. These could include:

  • Burning items in an incinerator
  • Burning unwanted bush or unused wood palettes
  • Creating a bonfire for school functions
  • Thawing ground before building a new structure
  • Using a residential fire pit

Before a permit can be issued, Spruce Grove Fire Services must conduct an inspection to ensure location safety, minimize toxic emissions, and determine if a permit is required. There is no charge for the inspection, but there is a fee for the permit, with the exception of residential fire pit permits, which are free.

The permit will be issued when the fee is received by mail or in person at:

Spruce Grove Fire Services
#120 - 410 King Street
Spruce Grove, Alberta

If you require an inspection within the next 24 hours, call us at 780-962-4496 or e-mail Fire Services Email. Applicant must be 18 years of age.