Development Permits

Development Permits deal primarily with a development's impact on surrounding properties. Building Permits deal with structural stability of buildings and the health and safety of the building's occupants.

If you are proposing new development or renovations to existing development or changing the use of a current building, you will require permits from the City of Spruce Grove. Most developments require both a development permit and a building permit and some require a lot grade permit.

If you are planning to excavate or stockpile, construct a new building, alter an existing building or change the use or intensity of use of a property, you will need a development permit. You may also require a development permit before you can apply for a business license. A development permit is written approval from the City of Spruce Grove that ensures that what you are planning to do complies with the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw. The development permit process addresses how land is used and helps preserve and enhance the quality of life in our community.

Your Development Permit Application PDF may be reviewed by a number of City departments. In addition to an application, you must also submit a Right of Entry Authorization PDF, and an Applicant's Authorization for Development Application PDF. Applicants are encouraged to review our development permit checklist PDF to see what other documentation may be required.

If any concerns or specific needs are identified you will be advised and asked to contact the other departments for special approvals.

Once the Development Officer is satisfied that all concerns have been addressed and your proposal complies with the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw, your development permit will be issued. The Development Officer may have up to 40 days in which to make a decision.

Only after the following have been met, may you proceed:

  1. Final approval of all development and building permits
  2. Expiry of the appeal period
  3. All conditions associated with the development and building permits will be met

If your proposal does not comply with the regulations of the Land Use Bylaw and you are refused a development permit, or you feel that you can not meet the conditions applied to your permit, you may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB).

Your appeal must be registered with the SDAB within the appeal expiry date appearing on your development permit. An appeal fee (all or portion of fee may be refunded at discretion of Subdivision and Development Appeal Board) is charged for lodging an appeal by the Applicant, by an adjacent land owner or a person affected by the decision.

The decision of the SDAB may be appealed to the Court of Appeal, but only on a point of law or jurisdiction.

You must act on the development permit within 12 months from the date of issue, or the permit becomes invalid unless otherwise stated in the permit.

Fees for development permit applications vary and are payable upon application.

Development Permit Fees
Change of occupancy or use, non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) $257.50
Lot grading - non residential (commercial / industrial /institutional / multifamily) $200 per hectare, minimum fee of $200
Lot grading - apartments and condominium projects  $200 + $50 for each residential unit on the first floor
New non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) $260 + $1.30 / m2
Non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily), accessory buildings, additions, and alterations $260 + $1.30 / m2
Temporary use up to 60 days $150
Temporary use to 6 months $200
Temporary use to 12 months $275
Variance request for non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily)

$260 as a separate approval $130 if processed with associated  development permit application           

Other fees
Demolition - Single family detached $100
Demolition - all other uses $200 
Discretionary use notification fee - non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) $130
Discretionary use notification fee - residential $80 
Excavation and topsoil stripping including processing $300
Extension of development permit approval   50% of original processing fee
Topsoil stripping with onsite processing $400
Change of Occupancy or Use - Residential Family Day Home  $257.50
Home occupations $150.00
Lot grading - single family detached, semi-detached and individual row hour units $165 / lot
Lot grading re-inspection $165 / lot
Multifamily dwellings (3 or more units)  $300 + $100 / unit
Single detached, semi-detached and duplex dwellings $205 / unit
Secondary suites $175
Show homes and show home conversions to residential units
Registered lots $205 / unit
Unregistered lots $375 / unit
Variance requests - residential (including accessory structures) $155 as a separate approval $80 if processed with associated development permit application associated with a development permit
Residential (accessory buildings / additions / decks / fences)
Accessory buildings / additions / decks / fences $80
Variance requests for accessory buildings / additions / decks / fences / detached garage / shed $155 as a separate approval $80 if processed with associated development permit application
Residential (lot grading)
Residential lot grading application $165 / lot
Residential lot grading re-inspection $165 / lot
Residential (other)
Mobile home $205 / unit
Mobile home park accessory structures $103
Mobile home park and campground development $300 + $100 unit
Mobile home park and campground non-residential structures $7.90 per $1,000. job value
Balloon $125
Billboard $200
Digital $260
Permanent $160
Temporary banners $55
Temporary portable      $30 / 30 day period
  $15 per 30 day period thereafter
Road closures
Road closures $1,800 + advertising
Road closure advertising (1/4 page) $345 + GST
Road closure advertising (1/2 page) $490 + GST
Road closure colour advertising  $103 + GST added to applicable advertisement fee
Development permit application amendment charges  
Timing Resubmission charge
 - Review not started No charge
-  Review underway 50% of application fee
 - Decision has been made New application or amendment fee, as determined by development officer

Appeal Fees
Development permit decision $130
Stop order $275
Subdivision $275

Land Use Bylaw enforcement fees
Contravention of any provision of the Land Use Bylaw

$51.50 for the first offence

$257.50 for each subsequent offense