Building Permits

Building Permits deal with structural stability of buildings and the health and safety of the building's occupants. Development Permits deal primarily with a development's impact on surrounding properties.

Most developments require both a development permit and a building permit. A building permit application will not be processed until such time as the development permit has been issued, however both may be applied for at the same time.

A Residential Building Permit Application PDF must include 3 copies of a site plan as well as 3 of construction drawings. A Multi-Residential / Non-Residential Building Permit Application PDF must include 4 copies of the site plan and construction drawings.

A Building Permit is required for the following and includes payment of the appropriate fees:
  • Any deck 0.6 m (2 ft) or more above grade
  • Covering of an existing deck
  • Construction of a new building
  • Change in occupancy of any building
  • Alteration to an existing building
  • Demolition of any building
  • Relocation of any building
  • Reconstruction of any building that has been damaged by earthquake, fire or other cause
  • Correction of an unsafe condition on any building
  • All parts of any building affected by a change in occupancy
  • The work necessary to ensure safety in parts of any building
  • Installation, replacement, or alteration of materials or equipment regulated by the Alberta Building Code
  • Installation of a solid fuel appliance (wood burning stove or fireplace)
  • Any construction affecting public health or safety
  • Excavation of land for the erection of a building
  • Installation of a swimming pool
  • Installation of a hot tub
  • Installation of modular or mobile structures
  • Commercial type tents

The Alberta Building Code regulates techniques and materials used in building construction, the occupancy and the use of buildings and equipment to safeguard the health and safety of building occupants.

The Planning and Infrastructure also issues permits for the demolition of buildings and structures, the erection of signs, and electrical, plumbing, gas, water and sewer and lot grading services. Building Permit fees vary and are payable at the time of application.

If the Building Permit Application pertains to a Mobile Home, ensure the following Mobile Home Information is provided.

This information is usually provided by the manufacturer or seller of the unit.

  • C.S.A. Label Number (if available)
  • Alberta Labour Label Number (if available)
  • Make and Model of Unit
  • Year of Manufacture of Unit
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturer Blocking Instructions are Available: YES NO
  • Municipal Land Address
  • Draw a basic site plan and attached to page.

Site plan must include site dimension, distance to property boundaries, the distance to other buildings on same property and show location of adjacent road(s).

Fees   -  All building permit fees for new structures and additions are subject to a 10% fire inspection surcharge per the Fire Services Bylaw.  Fees below do not include Safety Codes Council fees.   

Accessory buildings / garages (detached) / shed $4.50 / m2

(minimum $125.00)
Accessory structures / decks/ hot tubs / retaining walls / swimming pools $103 flat rate
Basement development $2.95 / m2
Building permit re-inspection - residential and non residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily). Charged after 2 no entries, or for additional inspections beyond the number identified in the City's Quality Management Plan $115
Construction water - residential and non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) 10% of permit fee
Demolitions - non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) $155 flat rate
Demolitions - residential $155 flat rate
Fireplaces - solid fuel burning (not included in new construction) $110 flat rate (per fireplace)
New non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) construction $7.90/ $1000 of job value
New residential dwelling units (1 to 4 units) - all floors (excluding basement) - attached garage $5.90/ m2 for all floors including attached garage
Non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) - additions / renovations / accessory buildings and structures $7.90/ $1000 of job value
Mobile homes - new location $103 per unit flat rate
Mobile homes - additions / renovations $5.90 / m2
Relocations $2.95 / m2
Residential dwelling units (1 to 4 units) - additions / renovations $5.90/ m2 for all floors
Secondary Suites $200
Water meter(s) - residential and non-residential (commercial / industrial / institutional / multifamily) Based upon cost, as periodically set by the City of Spruce Grove
Minimum building permit fee $90 + safety codes fee
Permit Extension Fee 50% of original building permit fee or           $103, whichever is greater
Review of Alternative Solution Proposal for any of the Above Permits

$103 per hour  (minimum 2 hours)

Safety Codes Council Fee - minimum $4.50 or 4% of the permit cost whichever is greater to a maximum of $560.00. Safety Codes Council fees are collected with each building permit and safety code permit and shall reflect fees established by the Safety Codes Council.