Water Conversion Calculator

Convert water consumption into cost with our Water Conversion Calculator; compatible with most water meters. Some meters may be solar and may require a flashlight to activate reading.

  1. To find the Current Reading, record the number as it appears on the inside meter up to one decimal place. For example, 2345.5. Type it into the Current Read box.
  2. For the Previous Reading, check your last utility bill for the number. For example, 12345 would be 1234.5. Type it into the Previous Read box. Utility bills are also accessible via Online Services.*

  3. Click on the Calculate button.
Water Conversion Calculator

Current Read

Previous Read


* Utility bills may include garbage and other outstanding balances.

For further assistance, or if your meter is not compatible with this calculator, call 780-962-7597 or send e-mail E-mail Icon