Blue Bag Recycling

Blue bags of household recyclables are collected every week on your regular collection day PDF. There is no limit on the number of blue bags you can put out.

Residents who do not have curbside pickup can take recyclables to the Eco Centre at no charge.

For more information, call the Waste Services information line at 780-962-7584 or e-mail us Email

What goes where

Wondering what you can put in your blue bag? View the list below, or get the app!

Accepted items:

Cardboard Small amounts of clean, dry cardboard (maximum 2 ft. x 2 ft.) can be flattened and placed under your blue recycle bags.
Deposit items Milk cartons and jugs, pop and beer cans, wine, water, beer and juice bottles, Tetra Paks
Glass jars Rinse completely and discard lid (clear, non-coloured glass only)
Metal cans Rinse completely, place lid inside and pinch shut
Paper, mixed Office paper, newsprint, magazines, flyers, phone books, catalogues, cereal boxes, pasta boxes, tissue boxes, paper egg cartons and paper coffee cups (remove lids)
Paper, shredded Must be bagged separately from other recyclables
Plastic containers (#1-7) Look for triangular symbol with a number in the middle, usually on bottom of container. Rinse container completely. This does not include film plastic or styrofoam (even if the styrofoam shows the #6 recycling symbol).

Plastics 1 through 7 recycle symbols.