Household Collection

The City of Spruce Grove collects residential waste using a three-stream collection system.

  1. Garbage
    Black waste carts are collected weekly
  2. Organics
    Green organics carts are collected weekly from April 11th to November 18th and monthly from December to March
  3. Recyclables
    Blue bags are collected every week

The City issues green organics carts and black waste carts that are numbered and assigned to each property’s solid waste utility account. If you move, leave the carts for the next occupant. If your carts need to be repaired or replaced, or you have moved into a home that has no carts, call 780-962-7584. There is no charge to have your carts repaired.

Collection day

The collection day schedule PDF identify the day of the week your household waste is picked up. For the most part, waste is picked up in the back alley in subdivisions with back alleys and on the front street in areas without alleys.

Placement of carts and bags

Diagram of proper placement of garbage and recycling bins and bags.

Collection Requirements

  • Place in back lane or at front curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day
  • Park carts on the street against the curb or at the edge of your laneway
  • Point arrows on top of carts towards the roadway or lane
  • Ensure an arm’s length of clearance on all sides of the carts
  • Ensure the lid on the black waste and organics cart is fully closed. 

Automated trucks are used to empty the carts which must be placed so the automated arm can pick them up. Proper cart placement  is required or your waste and/or organics may not be collected. The lid must be fully closed on your waste and/or organics cart, or it may not be collected.

How automated collection works

For more information, call the Waste Services Information Line at 780-962-7580 or e-mail us Email