Black waste cart icon.Items are considered to be garbage if they cannot be:

Wondering how to dispose of certain household waste? Check out Trim Your Trash - Spruce Grove's Ultimate Guide to What Goes Where.

Waste collection is offered on a weekly basis and each household is limited to the amount of garbage their black waste cart can hold with the lid completely closed.

Black waste cart available in two sizes!

Residents now have the choice of either a regular sized (240 litre) or small (120 litre) black waste cart. Residents may exchange their used regular sized cart for a new small cart at no charge. New residents will be able to indicate their preferred cart size upon requesting a new utilities account.

Switching to the small black waste cart reduces your solid waste rate from $28.50 to $25.25 per month. Please note that rate reduction is effective on the first of the next month and cannot be prorated.

Once an order has been placed for a small black waste cart, delivery can be expected by the start of the next month. At time of ordering, instructions will be given for when to leave out your current black waste cart for exchange, it must be empty. Used carts that are in good condition will be put into the City’s current inventory for reuse.

Extra garbage

Extra garbage will not be collected curbside. Extra bags of garbage may be brought to the Eco Centre at a charge of $2.75 per bag. Large items such as furniture and old appliances should also be taken to the Eco Centre. A large-item pick-up is offered yearly, in the spring.


Report a broken or damaged waste cart or missed collection:

Call 780-962-7584.

General waste reduction inquiries:

Call 780-962-7634 ext. 194 or send an email Email.

Switch to a small black waste cart:

Existing utility customers looking to switch to a small black waste cart, should call 780-962-7634 ext. 194 or send an emailEmail . Please be sure to provide us with the name of the person registered on the utility account, the property address, a contact telephone number as well as the subdivision and day you receive garbage collection when you call or email us.

Open a new utilities account:

Call 780-962-7597 or apply online.