Photo Radar Enforcement

The City of Spruce Grove employs automated technologies commonly referred to as "Photo Radar" to assist in the enforcement of speeding, red light infractions and stop signs at various locations located across the city. This system is reviewed on a regular basis to determine if it is meeting its goal of collision reduction and a reduction is severity of collisions. As the focus of the system is safety based the Community and Protective Services reports, on an annual basis, on the success of the system. To date the program has been very successful in meeting its goals. In early 2017 the program went through an operational effectiveness review to ensure the system is being used in the most effective manner possible to reduce collisions even further.

Automated Traffic Enforcement will be located at various approved locations PDF within the city. Hand held laser and vehicle mounted radar are operated by the RCMP and City of Spruce Grove Enforcement Services.

Speed and failing to stop KILLS. This is a plain and simple message repeated over and over again. Just 10 kms over the speed limit can be the difference between a scare and serious injuries or death.

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