Awards of Excellence Past Inductees

Awards of Excellence are awarded to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the City of Spruce Grove, and have achieved national and/or international recognition in one of seven categories.


Athletics: Stephanie Labbe
Stephanie Labbe, 2017 Awards of Excellence Inductee.
Significant Achievement: Jonathan Giovannoni
Jonathan Giovannoni, 2017 Awards of Excellence Inductee


Athletics: Lesley McEwan
Awards of Excellence 2015 Inductee, Lesley McEwan
Community Service: Darwin Park
Awards of Excellence 2015 Inductee, Darwin Park


Athletics: Gail McGinnis
Gail McGinnis, 2013 Awards of Excellence inductee JPG.


Community Service: Ed Huber
Ed Huber photo.


Arts: Lorna Kemp
Lorna Kemp, 2010 Awards of Excellence Inductee.


Community Service: Jim Titley
Jim Titley photo.
Innovation: Dr. Jason Acker


Arts: Cindy Barratt
Cindy Barratt photo.
Community Service: George B. Cuff
George B Cuff photo.
Innovation: Dr. Donald F. LeGatt
Donald F Legatt photo. 


Arts: Michael Jorgensen
Michael Jorgensen photo.
Athletics: Stuart Barnes
Stu Barnes photo.
Athletics: Kelly Perlette
Kelly Perlette photo.


Arts: Vivian Thierfelder
Vivian Thierfelder photo.
Athletics: The Funk Rink
Funk Curling Rink photo.
Community Service: Allan Shenfield
Allan Shenfield photo.


Athletics: Grant Fuhr
Grant Fuhr photo.
Athletics: Jennifer Heil
Jennifer Heil photo.
Community Service: Ken Howery
Ken Howery photo.
Community Service: Henry Singer
Henry Singer photo.
Education: Judy Kesanko
Judy Kesanko photo.
Innovation: Dr. Locksley McGann
Locksley McGann photo.