Transportation Facilities

Last updated: Sep. 22, 2011 at 2:19 PM

There are many different types of transportation facilities that we can build and operate to satisfy our daily travel needs. The transportation matrix PDF shows four levels of facilities for each of the primary modes of travel — cars, public transit, cyclists and pedestrians.

Spruce Grove’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP) has categorized the City’s existing and proposed roadways. Highway 16 provides fast regional access to and from the City, arterial roads such as Grove Drive, Century Road and Jennifer Heil Way accommodate high volume local traffic, and collectors provide access to neighbourhoods.

The MDP envisions a transit network of internal and external bus routes. Currently, ETS operates a weekday commuter bus route to Edmonton, connecting Spruce Grove to NAIT, Downtown Edmonton, and the University of Alberta. The TMP will assess where transit routes of varying service levels should be located in the future.

The pedestrian and cyclist networks are best illustrated in the Spruce Grove trails map, but there are also sidewalks, plazas, and other pedestrian facilities provided in the city. The TMP will provide city-wide network recommendations for cycling and walking in addition to the existing trail system.

The different types of facilities highlighted in the trails and facilities map PDF provide a variety of mobility opportunities for existing and future residents. It is necessary to determine how much of each type of facility we will require over the next 30 years in order to provide mobility for our residents and businesses — at an affordable cost.