Regional Partnerships

Last updated: Aug. 24, 2011 at 9:52 AM

Regional Partnerships icon.Goal 10

The City of Spruce Grove maintains mutually beneficial relationships with other municipalities and authorities in the Capital Region to undertake integrated land use and transportation planning, enhance service and program delivery, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Creating a sustainable community requires the City of Spruce Grove to work in partnership to undertake integrated land use and transportation planning and provide programs and services. Strong partnerships not only enhance the quality and diversity of programs and services in Spruce Grove but also develop the social capacity of the city. Building relationships and maintaining flexible partnerships also have the added benefit of increasing Spruce Grove’s community resilience and ability to respond to change.


Develop and maintain good working relationships with other municipalities and authorities in the Capital Region.

  • Build and maintain open and effective channels of communication
  • Work with regional partners and participate in regional forums
  • Pursue strategies to increase certainty for land use decisions where impacts cross municipal boundaries

Boundary interface areas and neighbouring municipalities

Work with Parkland County and the Town of Stony Plain to facilitate an effective rational and coordinated approach to land use, transportation, and infrastructure planning and development in boundary-interface areas.

  • Work cooperatively and purse a range of approaches to achieve compatible land use patterns, environmental protection, infrastructure coordination, shared service provision, and an efficient transportation system.
  • Implement the recommendations in the Boundary Interface Planning Study PDF
  • Maintain Highway 16 as Spruce Grove's northern limit

Capital region

Work with other municipalities to plan for growth in the Capital Region based on an efficient and effective transportation system and an integrated approach to land use planning.

  • Support the goals of the Capital Region Growth Plan External in local planning strategies
  • Work with the Capital Region Board to increase regional transit service, plan for regional infrastructure, and protect the environment
  • Cooperate with other municipalities to attract investment to the region
  • Participate in forums addressing regional issues.