Last updated: Nov. 19, 2012 at 3:55 PM

Governance icon.Goal 1

The City of Spruce Grove maintains a high standard of governance and practices sound fiscal management.

Goal 2

The City of Spruce Grove incorporates community sustainability into its decision-making processes and engages its citizens in two-way dialogue.

Good governance is essential to realizing the sustainable growth of Spruce Grove. Relationships built, decisions made, and actions taken by Council and City Administration all affect whether or not Spruce Grove becomes an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable community. 

Good governance

Continue to engage in effective and appropriate governance practices.

  • Maintain high degree of transparency and accountability
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Consider equitability and inclusiveness
  • Ensure effective Council and Administration 

Sustainability and decision making

Show leadership by considering the long-term economic, social, and environmentally sustainability of the community when making decisions.

  • Integrate social, economic, and environmental factors into decisions
  • Continue to conduct strategic planning
  • Build capacity to respond to change
  • Take risks, explore new ideas, and take advantage of opportunities
  • Consider alternatives
  • Set goals and create targets and monitoring indicators

Civic engagement and communication

Foster an environment conducive to civic engagement in municipal issues.

  • Expand opportunities to engage community members
  • Support initiatives to strengthen civil society
  • Facilitate two-way communication
  • Respond to public input

Fiscal sustainability

Manage financial resources efficiently and responsibly with a focus on the community's long-term fiscal sustainability.

  • Allocate and manage resources in a cost-effective way
  • Balance the cost of quality services with accessibility and affordability
  • Maintain competitive tax and levy rates while considering long-term fiscal impact
  • Align services with demographic trends and community needs