Environmental Management

Last updated: Aug. 24, 2011 at 9:50 AM

Environmental Management icon.Goal 3

Spruce Grove shows environmental leadership through policy development and implementation.

Goal 4

Spruce Grove engages residents and businesses in environmental issues and promotes community and individual level stewardship. 

Practicing sound environmental management is one of the cornerstones of Your Bright Future. The City must show leadership through policy and program development and implementation while promoting stewardship of the environment at the level of individual residents and businesses.

Resource use and pollution

Reduce the environmental impact the City and its residents have on natural systems by decreasing pollution and natural resource use.

  • Continue to implement a waste management program
  • Reduce green gas emissions and improve air quality
  • Assess the potential for green energy use
  • Plan for climate change impacts and reduce emissions

Green building and development

Increase the use of green construction techniques and explore alternative development patterns to reduce the use of energy, water and land, and minimize waste.

  • Implement compact forms of development and decrease car dependency
  • Explore and encourage the use of green building techniques
  • Foster Eco-Industrial development opportunities
  • Apply landscape and site design techniques to reduce impacts

Alternative infrastructure

Explore new, and increase the use of, emerging alternative infrastructure technologies that reduce energy, water, and land consumption and minimize waste.

  • Explore and encourage the use of green infrastructure techniques
  • Pursue partnerships to implement alternative infrastructure techniques
  • Take a life cycle approach to City assets and infrastructure

Water resources

Develop an integrated watershed management approach that will sustainably manage the impact of development on the watershed, conserve water use, and improve water quality.

  • Continue to implement a naturalized stormwater management program
  • Encourage water quantity conservation
  • Restrict development in sensitive areas

Environmental significant areas

Protect and enhance the ecological integrity of the community's sustainable environmental significant areas (ESAs).

  • Integrate ESAs into the parks and open space network
  • Identify ESAs in all relevant planning strategies and subdivision plans
  • Assess impacts of proposed development on ESAs prior to development
  • Pursue strategies to acquire or expand protection of ESAs
  • Connect residents to nature and educate them on value of ESAs