Plan Components

Last updated: May. 13, 2016 at 1:58 PM

This section provides community members with information on the contents and framework of Your Bright Future. This is a broad-based community plan that sets out a vision for growth and change in Spruce Grove.

While the plan's extent is 2020, the community vision looks to what type of community Spruce Grove could become in 2040. The difference in timeframes allows for a long-range vision while recognizing the constraints to planning in continuously changing conditions.

Your Bright Future is based in community sustainability. The concepts of balance and adaptability are woven throughout the plan. 

Six themes, each guided by overarching goals, form the basis of the community plan:

Governance icon.  Governance Economic Development icon.  Economic Development
Environmental Management icon.  Environmental Management Community Life icon.  Community Life
Form and Infrastructure icon.  Form and Infrastructure  Regional Partnerships icon.  Regional Partnerships

Your Bright Future - Municipal Development Plan (Consolidated May 11, 2016)

Review the Executive Summary PDF or the new Consolidated Bylaw PDF  

Municipal Development Plan Bylaw Consolidated into Bylaw C-960-16 on May 11, 2016

All components of the plan on the web site are considered 'Uncertified'. Certified copies are available by contacting City Hall

The text and mapping found below are office consolidations provided to the public for ease of interpretation.  Any use or action taken based on the information provided below is done outside the liability of the City of Spruce Grove, unless the information is confirmed by the Planning Department.


Table of Contents PDF
Glossary PDF
Section1: Introduction PDF
Section 2: Community Context, Vision, and Plan Goals PDF
Section 3: Governance PDF
Section 4: Environmental Management PDF
Section 5: Form and Infrastructure PDF
Section 6: Economic Development PDF
Section 7: Community Life PDF
Section 8: Regional Partnerships
Section 9: Implementation PDF


Parks and Open Space (Fig.6) PDF
Existing Land Use (Fig. 7) PDF
Future Land Use (Fig. 8) PDF
Major Road Network (Fig. 9) PDF
Transit System (Fig.10)
Major Employment Areas (Fig. 11) PDF
Stormwater System (Fig.12) PDF
Water Network (Fig. 13) PDF
Sewer System (Fig.14) PDF
Boundary Interface Areas (Fig.15) PDF


Appendix A: Municipal Development Plan Requirements PDF
Appendix B: Relevant Background Materials and Programs PDF
Appendix C: Environmentally Significant Areas PDF
Appendix D: Major Public Consultation Results PDF

The development of Your Bright Future is part of a four stage process: 

1. SpruceGroveQuest – Our Bright Future

SpruceGroveQuest was major community visioning and values exercise conducted in spring 2008. Community members came together to make decisions about what they want for Spruce Grove in 2040.

2. Sustainable Spruce Grove

Sustainable Spruce Grove is an integrated municipal sustainability plan that acts as a bridge between the Spruce Grove Quest consultations and the community plan, as well as a draft framework for Your Bright Future.

3. Your Bright Future

The long range community plan (also known as a municipal development plan) guides how the city grows, develops, and works towards reaching the community vision. The former municipal development plan, C-327-98 is rescinded.  

4. Implementing Your Bright Future (current stage)

Implementing the plan includes both City-led initiatives and partner-led initiatives and requires the involvement of all City departments.

See Section 9: Implementation PDF for more information.