Growth Study

Last updated: Jan. 03, 2017 at 4:05 PM

Update January 2017:
The final report of the Spruce Grove Growth Study PDF December 2016, was presented to City Council in December 2016, resulting in Council accepting the report for release to the public and the City's municipal neighbours. An announcement regarding the public and stakeholder engagement on the Growth Study will be made in early 2017.  Public engagement will include open houses for both the public and potentially affected landowners as well as meetings with Parkland County, the Town of Stony Plain and other targeted stakeholders (e.g. Alberta Transportation, school board, utility and service providers).

The City has retained ISL Engineering and Land Services, CORVUS Business Advisors and Strategic Projections Inc. to undertake a Growth Study.

A growth study is a comprehensive look at the trends of a municipality’s growth over time. It investigates historic population growth, demographics as well as land supply and absorption to project how and where the City’s growth should occur in the future. The study takes into consideration serviceability, fiscal impacts, opportunities and constraints.

The City’s Growth Study is a three-phase project scheduled for completion in mid-2016.

Growth options will be presented to council for consideration, and subsequent decision on which option to further analyze, in the fall of 2015. Following this decision a detailed financial analysis of the preferred option will be initiated, which is stage two of the project. Once the financial analysis has been completed, a second discussion to confirm the preferred option is scheduled for late 2015 prior to kick-off of the third phase, public and stakeholder engagement.

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