Area Structure Plans

Last updated: Nov. 10, 2016 at 1:32 PM

Area structure plans (ASPs) provide details on the growth and development of specific areas of the city. All area structure plans include information on design principles, function and land use, infrastructure, and density as well as land use statistics and concept maps.

Corporate Area Structure Plan Policy 7,000 PDF provides details and specific requirements for the preparation of an area structure plan, and identifies the steps in the approval process.

The Guide to Area Structure Plans PDF represents all of the City of Spruce Grove’s area structure plans with a concept map and depicts the overall land uses for each plan individually.

For detailed information on any of these area structure plans, call 780-962-7582 or e-mail Planning and Infrastructure Email

Area Structure Plan index map

Area Structure Plan index map.

Please note that an area structure plan may include amendments to the Development Concept, the land use and population statistics, and/or the text of the original document.

  1. South Century PDF
  2. Heritage Estates PDF
  3. Mobile Home Development Amendment PDF
  4. North Central PDF
  5. Railway Avenue Area PDF
  6. East Campsite Business Park PDF
  7. Seniors Co-op Housing (Grove Seniors Village) PDF
  8. East Pioneer PDF
  9. Spruce Woods Amendment (Heatherglen) PDF
  10. West PDF
  11. West Central PDF
  12. Spruce Village PDF
  13. Shiloh PDF
  14. Pioneer Lands PDF