Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre FAQs

Last updated: Oct. 02, 2017 at 4:13 PM

What needs are being addressed by a Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre?

Community ice needs

The City identified a requirement for twin ice surfaces to address rapid population growth and existing demand for ice time in the 2017-2019 Corporate Plan.

Community and commercial event space

There is a current opportunity to capture the mid-size event market in the region (events with 3,000-6,000 attendees).

Regional destination and economic impact

Regional market draw for concerts, theatrical and family entertainment, trade shows and conferences will have a significant economic impact on Spruce Grove as well as the region.

How much will it cost to build?

Based on the proposed concept, the current project cost estimate is $79.3 million.

How will it be paid for?

The City is having discussions with a variety of potential partners such as the provincial government, neighbouring municipalities and private industry.

The construction of the SEC will be funded with a combination of grants, future developer off-site levies and debenture financing. The debenture financing will be serviced and repaid by dedicating the municipal portion of property tax revenues received from the build-out of the 60 acre Westwind Centre development.

The City has also approached the Government of Alberta for a Community Revitalization Levy or some version thereof for this project.

The funding model currently being explored has been designed so there is no tax increase on ratepayers in Spruce Grove specifically for the construction of the SEC.

How will it be operated?

The City is exploring operational models and potential partnerships. It is expected that the facility will be municipally owned and incorporate both community and commercial use under third party management.

What are the economic benefits?

The SEC will generate significant short- and long-term economic impacts and job creation from the initial construction work to the ongoing centre operations.

Construction impacts - $310.4 million

  • The construction impacts total $310.4 million for the entire Westwind site ($79.3 million for the SEC and $231 million for the overall development)

Visitor spending - $27.3-$31.5 million per year

  • In-facility spending and multiplier effects = $12 million per year
  • Off-site spending in the region = $15.3-$19.5 million per year


  • Approximately 3,300 jobs generated by construction of the development
  • Approximately 1,200 jobs ongoing related to operations

Has the City considered the risks associated with this type of project?

The City has worked with several professional consulting firms to identify risks associated with the costs, construction, operations, funding, and economic impacts and will define ways to mitigate the risks where possible.

When will the proposed concept be voted on by Spruce Grove City Council?

The City is currently sharing the concept with the public, exploring partnerships and defining the full extent of the project. Initially it was expected to have a complete package to city council in early 2018. Work is still being done on defining the concept and timelines will be adjusted accordingly. Any updates will be posted on the City’s website when they become available.

If the Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre proceeds, what is the timeline for construction?

The City anticipates the facility would be open in the fall of 2020.

If the Multi-Use Sport and Event Centre does not proceed, will Westwind Centre develop in the same manner?

Without the SEC, the development of Westwind Centre will not be as aggressive or have the same level of impact from a commercial tax assessment perspective. Furthermore, the overall build-out of the site would increase to an estimated 15 years, compared to seven years with the SEC.

What is the vision for the overall Westwind Centre development?

The vision for Westwind Centre is to develop a major regional commercial, hospitality, and entertainment destination that would have a variety of retailers, offices, hotels, an entertainment centre, restaurants and residential development. Additionally, the site will be the home of a transit park and ride facility (adjacent to the SEC).

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