Last updated: Jul. 25, 2017 at 2:09 PM

The City of Spruce Grove’s Engineering division oversees capital works programs for water, sewer, drainage, roads, sidewalks, buildings, trails and open spaces. The division also sets the city’s engineering, construction and landscaping standards and develops policies that guide major infrastructure development, while implementing the City’s master plans for its infrastructure systems.

Staff in this area provide mapping, and are responsible for lot grading approvals and issuing construction completion and final acceptance certificates for subdivisions.

Engineering is also responsible for the management and operations contract for the Capital Region Parkland Water Services Commission.

Transportation management services like traffic counts, monitoring and evaluation also fall under this division.

Private engineering consultants are contracted for design, contract document preparation and contract administration for Capital Works Programs.   
For new developments, developers are responsible for hiring their own engineering consultants to design new infrastructure.