Cultural Master Plan

Last updated: Jun. 17, 2016 at 10:49 AM
On June 13, 2016, Mayor and Council were delivered the City of Spruce Grove's new Cultural Master Plan PDF (CMP). This plan was developed by Cultural Services and Dr. Greg Baeker of MDB Insight Consultants. Greg has worked in senior leadership positions in Canada as a policy maker, cultural planner and academic. Greg entered the field through the museums and heritage sector, working as Executive Director of the Ontario Museums Association and Executive Coordinator, Ontario Heritage Policy Review, the first cross-government heritage policy in the country.

The City of Spruce Grove joins leading municipalities nationally and internationally in developing a cultural master plan. Motivation for developing plans flows from growing recognition on the part of municipalities of the powerful role played by cultural resources in building prosperous and diversified local economies and enhancing quality of life in communities. Recognizing its importance, the City of Spruce Grove has integrated cultural development issues and opportunities into a range of plans and policies aimed at advancing economic and broader community development agendas in the city. A critical issue channel taken up by the CMP is how the City of Spruce Grove can build the capacity to act on and implement existing cultural policy and planning statements and commitments.

Much of the attention related to the importance of cultural resources in cities and communities focuses on their contribution to economic development goals. But cultural resources also play important roles in vitally important social planning and development issues in municipalities. Culture engages minds, enriches the education of children and supports lifelong learning. Culture helps define the character or identity of a community in which people feel a sense of belonging. It engages citizens in activities that help build a sense of community and civic engagement. Finally, as the diversity of the community grows, culture celebrates different cultures and helps newcomers feel welcome. An important opportunity identified during the planning process is to identify connections and synergies between the CMP and the City of Spruce Grove Social Sustainable Strategy.

The Cultural Master Plan Process

The planning process began in July of 2015 and concluded with a presentation to Council in June 2016. Developing the CMP was a multi-phase process that evolved as follows:

Background Reconnaissance

This phase of work involved examining all existing planning and policy documents of the City to identify opportunities for linking cultural resources and opportunities to advancing the City’s agenda cross across a wide cross-section of planning issues.

Cultural Resource Mapping

This phase involved a systematic process for identifying and recording Spruce Grove’s cultural resources.  A total of 180 cultural resources were identified.

Community Engagement

The community engagement process included an online survey, community forum, stakeholder interviews, and focus group discussions.

Key Findings Report

This report synthesized findings from the review of the planning context, findings from cultural mapping and insights drawn from community engagement. Highlights from the Key Findings Report were presented to Council.

Drafting the Cultural Master Plan

The last step in the process was preparing a draft CMP, drawing on the information and insights gained from all phases of the planning process. The CMP  includes a Vision and Guiding Principles, and definition of an expanded role for the City in cultural development. The Action Plan is built around Five Strategic Directions are supported by a series of Objectives which in turn provide a framework for proposed Actions. Each Action is assigned a timeline, lead responsibility and potential partners.

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