Inside Council Chambers

Last updated: Oct. 13, 2017 at 9:45 AM

Inside Council Chambers is a brief summary of the items discussed at the most recent City Council and Committee of the Whole meetings. Podcasts are also available for the latest council meetings.

Please note: This is not the official City of Spruce Grove council meeting minutes. Please refer to Meeting Agendas and Minutes to view agendas, all supporting documents, and official meeting minutes that have been approved by City Council.

Highlights from Oct. 10, 2017

Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club receives Certificate of Outstanding Achievement External

City Council recognized members of the Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club with Certificates of Outstanding Achievement for their success at the Northern Zones and Provincial gymnastics competitions, held in March and April 2017. A Certificate of Outstanding Achievement is awarded to Spruce Grove individuals, teams, groups and organizations who have accomplished outstanding achievements in the field of athletics, fine arts, academics and cultural activities at a provincial, national or international level.

Transit Service Update

Administration reported that the City is working with ETS to expand its commuter transit service with three additional trips on ETS Route 560.

Bylaw C-1018-17 External
Train Whistle Cessation Bylaw

Third reading was given to Bylaw C-1018-17, approving a Train Whistle Cessation Bylaw that completes the necessary steps required by the City, as outlined in the Procedure for Train Whistling at Public Grade Crossings, to transition all grade crossings within Spruce Grove to no-whistle crossings. Further work is still required by CN and Transport Canada before the no-whistle crossings are fully in effect.

Bylaw C-998-17 External
Cemetery Bylaw

First and second reading were given to Bylaw C-998-17, a Cemetery Bylaw that if approved will provide guidelines and responsibilities for governing the operations of the Pioneer Cemetery.

Bylaw C-1020-17 External
2018 Fees and Charges Bylaw

First reading was given to Bylaw C-1020-17, the 2018 Fees and Charges Bylaw that if approved will authorize the 2018 fees for utility rates, fines and penalties, assessment complaints, as well as administrative and cemetery services.

Appointment of External Auditor External

KPMG LLP was appointed as the external auditors for the City of Spruce Grove for the 2017 fiscal year.

Highlights from Sept. 25, 2017

Bylaw C-987-17 East Pioneer Area Structure Plan

A public hearing was held and recessed for Bylaw C-987-17 External, proposed amendments to the East Pioneer Area Structure Plan that if approved, would provide clear policies regarding the protection of wetlands and ensuring that lands are suitable for the identified future land uses. Second and third readings External were removed from the agenda as the public hearing on the bylaw remains open.

Bylaw C-1014-17 Road Closure

A public hearing was held for Bylaw C-1014-17 External, a proposed road closure bylaw. The bylaw received second and third readings External, approving the closure of a half mile stretch of public road right-of-way located west of Jennifer Heil Way on the north side of Highway 16A.

CityPulse - 2017 Savvy Award External

The City's Corporate Communications department was congratulated for winning a first place 2017 Savvy Award for CityPulse magazine on Sept. 7, 2017.

Bylaw C-1005-17 Land Use Bylaw Amendment External
Redistricting: Fenwyck Stage 2

Third reading was given to Bylaw C-1005-17, approving amendments to the Land Use Bylaw that will redistrict 0.79 hectares of land from urban reserve (UR) to mixed low to medium density residential (R1).

Bylaw C-1017-17 Records and Information Management External

Third reading was given to Bylaw C-1071-17, approving amendments to the Records and Information Bylaw. These amendments will make the bylaw consistent with, and support the implementation of, Bylaw C-957-17 (also approved during the Sept. 25 City Council meeting).

Bylaw C-957-16 Emergency Management External

Third reading was given to Bylaw C-957-16, approving a new Emergency Management Bylaw. This bylaw contains current terminology that is used in provincial Emergency Management and will set the framework for a new Municipal Emergency Plan. It addresses areas not previously addressed, including policing, as well as financial and business continuity of the City's core services.

C-1018-17 Train Whistle Cessation External

First and second reading were given to Bylaw C-1018-17, a Train Whistle Cessation Bylaw that if approved would ensure all at grade crossings within Spruce Grove be no-whistle crossings.

Sale of land to Parkland School Division External
School bus transfer facility site

The sale of 1.101 hectares of City-owned land to Parkland School Division for $268,700 plus GST was approved. The land is being used to build a school bus transfer facility at the Copperhaven school site.

Notice of Motion External

A Notice of Motion regarding the proposed Multi-Use Sports and Event Centre concept was discussed. The motion was referred back to City administration for future review and information.   

Highlights from Sept. 18, 2017

Alberta Public Works Association Annual Equipment Roadeo External

City staff members, Clint Finkbeiner and Rick Fillion, were congratulated for their achievements at the Alberta Public Works Association Annual Equipment Roadeo. Held Sept. 7-8 in Red Deer, the Roadeo is an opportunity for heavy equipment operators to demonstrate their skills in friendly competition. The City congratulates Clint for finishing third in the skid steer competition, and Rick for taking first place in the wheel loader event.

Protective Services External

The Spruce Grove/Stony Plain RCMP Detachment Inspector and Spruce Grove Fire Chief updated City Council on RCMP services in the area and the operations of Protective Services in Spruce Grove.

Organics Diversion Pilot Program Results External

City administration presented the results of an organics diversion pilot program that ran in Hilldowns this summer. The pilot program involved travelling door-to-door in the Hilldowns neighbourhood, talking to residents about food waste diversion and putting food waste in their green organics cart.