Natural Areas (Open Space)

The legacy of Spruce Grove, as stated in our name, lies with the generous urban forests within our boundaries. Spruce Grove was the first community in Alberta to prepare an Open Space Plan in 1972. The re-write of the City’s Municipal Development Plan used the City’s green spaces as the basis of its urban form.

Parks and Open Space Master Plan

The Parks and Open Space Master Plan is a statement of values and principles that the City uses to guide future development of parks and open space. It acts as a guide for open space acquisition, development, and use.

Based on the principles of ecological integrity, livability, and positive image and character, the plan puts forward an open space concept that recognizes nodes in a system. Diversity in the types of open spaces provided in this system and connectivity between different components of the system are central.

Forest Management Plan

The Forest Management Plan PDF looks at the biodiversity of forest stands in the city and identifies potential threats to these stands. It highlights areas that are in danger from urbanization, have poor tree health or old trees, or are undergoing natural succession. It also includes a section that looks at long-term directions for management including funding opportunities, partnerships and other urban forestry possibilities. Most of the city’s major tree stands are included.