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Educating students on the importance of water conservation and knowing where their water comes from is crucial to ensuring we have safe drinking water for years to come. The City has worked together with Inside Education and RBC Blue Water Project to develop educational material to be used in Spruce Grove classrooms. The City has also compiled a list of links to other great resources to help prepare effective water lesson plans. 

Tap into Tomorrow Water Conservation Workshop

The City with the help of Inside Education and RBC Blue Water Project has developed two workshops, for grade 5 and 8 students. Each workshop is designed to compliment and relate directly with the curriculum and fit into one 50 minute class.

Grade 5: The focus of this workshop is on waste water and storm water management; specifically, where does our water come from? And where does the water go when it rains or snows? The workshop consists of two hands on experiments demonstrating the difference between impermeable and permeable surfaces and how that relates to water run-off. The workshop also discusses what we can do at home to reduce our water use and pollutants entering the water system.

Grade 8: The focus of this workshop is on watersheds and water systems; specifically, how what we do in Spruce Grove can make a huge difference to our neighboring communities and vice versa. The workshop consists of a brief discussion on watersheds, followed by two hands on activities. The activities demonstrates how we all have to work together to ensure our water supply stays safe and clean for our neighbors and future generations.

For more information please contact info@sprucegrove.orgEmail

Tap into Tomorrow Water Education Kits

These kits will be provided to each school within the City of Spruce Grove. The kits are designed to deliver valuable water education material to all age groups, while also giving the students access to some interesting tools (rain gauge, leak detection tablets, drips meters, etc.) that measure our water efficiency and inefficiency. The kits will provide students with an evaluation tool to determine how the school is performing and be able to identify areas for improvement.

If you have any questions regarding the kits please contact info@sprucegrove.org

Other helpful links and material:

Water Conservation Tips BrochurePDF
Outlines many helpful conservation tips to share with your classroom (City of Spruce Grove).

Water Calculator PDF
Students are able to track their water use at home on this worksheet and compare to their classmates (City of Spruce Grove).

A Day in the Life of a DropPDF
Helps students understand where their water comes from, where it goes and how their actions affect the environment (WaterSense).

Water Pledge PDF
Encourages students along with their families to rid their bad water habits (WaterSense).

Water Activity Sheet PDF
A great resource for students to test their water knowledge (WaterSense).

Fix a Leak Week PDF
Allows students to find leaks and save water using this worksheet (WaterSense).

Water SourcebookExternal
Contains a lot of great water education material that will be useful for grades K – 12 (US Environmental Protection Agency).

Project Wet External
Great education material and lesson plans focusing water conservation (Project Wet).

Water.org External
Helpful website containing many great water lesson plans for grades K-12.

PennState college of Agricultural Sciences External
Great water lesson plans.

Aquarian Water Company
Contains several excellent lesson plans to help educate students on water and the importance of water conservation.

Environment Canada’s Freshwater
Contains lots of great information on water, water legislation, water management and culture (Environment Canada).

Down the Drain External
Designed to help students collect data on the amount of water they use on a daily basis and compare that with other students around the world (Centre for Improved Engineering and Science Education).