Tap into Tomorrow - Students

What is water?  Where does it come from? Where does it go when we are done with it? How can we protect our water?  By playing the games and reading the material below you will be able to help educate your family and friends all about water. Check out the resources below and have a splash learning about water!

Water Conservation TipsPDF 
Great conservation tips to help you save water at home and at school (City of Spruce Grove).

Water CalculatorPDF
Determine your water usage - who in your family uses more water? Track your water usage for a week and see who is the most water wise! (City of Spruce Grove).

The water CycleExternal
Ever wonder where your water comes from? This video will teach you all about the water cycle (EcoGeeks).

This game developed to challenge you to improve your water saving skills, while trying to avoid being swallowed by the Water Wasters. Remember you can always take a peek at the Water Conservation Tips brochure for some helpful hints (WaterSense).