Sustainable Business

The business community is an important partner in making Spruce Grove sustainable. Economic development initiatives combined with local business and commercial interests create local jobs, reduce commuting, and support a strong community. They also strengthen the community’s fiscal sustainability and its ability to respond to change.

The City of Spruce Grove is looking for ways to support the business community in its efforts to become more sustainable. We’re focusing on:

  • Working together to identify opportunities for partnerships and resource/program development
  • Strengthening our approach to Economic Development
  • Recognizing worthy businesses through the Community Spirit Award

Economic Development Strategy

The City of Spruce Grove is moving forward with its Economic Development Strategy. Its implementation is guided by a Economic Development Advisory Committee made up of community stakeholders.

Eco-Industrial Plan

Eco-industrial development uses resources efficiently by building on mutually beneficial relationships between companies within an industrial park. This plan explores best practices, feasibility, and local opportunities. To view a copy of the plan and/or talk to someone about eco-industrial opportunities in Spruce Grove contact City Hall.

Retrofit your business

Visit the Government of Canada Office of Energy Efficiency External for ideas on how to retrofit your business to save money through reduced energy demand.