Broad Initiatives

Mayor’s Task Force on the Environment

The Task Force took a critical look at the history and future direction of the City of Spruce Grove’s approach to environmental sustainability. Over 750 public responses were received as part of this process. Council adopted the Task Force's outcomes in February 2011.

Sustainable Development Initiative

Introduced in 2004, this provides a framework and process to guide how plans and strategies are developed, adopted, implemented and evaluated. The SDI is a natural extension of the Council Strategic Goals and builds on the organization’s mandate by providing many of the tools needed to sustain and improve the well-being of the community in a way that is environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable.

Dedicated sustainability staff

As part of the Sustainable Development Initiative, the City created a dedicated position to work on sustainability programming and initiatives in Spruce Grove.  The position has a strong community planning focus and reports directly to the General Manager of Planning and Development. A second position focused on community outreach and environmental education was created in March 2014. 

Partners for Climate Protection

The Partners for Climate Protection (PCP) External program is a voluntary network of Canadian municipal governments who have committed to reducing greenhouse gases and acting on climate change. Spruce Grove joined PCP in 2003. The program is based on five milestones which are measured at the corporate and community levels. Spruce Grove reached the fourth milestone by completing its action plan PDF.