Decision Making and Strategic Planning

The long-term sustainability of the community matters when making decisions and conducting strategic planning. To be effective, this must occur at the community, corporate and regional levels.

The Municipal Development Plan provides a long-range vision for Spruce Grove and a policy framework to help achieve this vision. Based on community sustainability, it directs future growth and development and helps us respond to change. It requires the City to show leadership when making decisions by:

  • Integrating social, economic, and environmental factors
  • Continuing to conduct strategic planning
  • Building capacity to respond to change
  • Taking risks, exploring new ideas, and taking advantage of opportunities
  • Considering alternatives
  • Setting goals, creating targets and monitoring progress

The Governance section in the Municipal Development Plan replaces the City’s Sustainable Development Charter, which was adopted in 2004.

The City’s Strategic Plan, Corporate Business Plan, and departmental business plans reflect the strategic direction of Council. Together they establish the priorities of services and projects for the City and allow us to develop a sound fiscal plan which serves the best interests of the community at large.

The Capital Region Growth Plan External provides direction for Spruce Grove based on the strategic and efficient use of land and resources in the region. The City worked with 24 other municipalities to develop this plan. Your Bright Future is designed to complement the goals of the regional plan.