Mayor's Task Force on the Environment

The Mayor's Task Force on the Environment took a critical look at the history and future direction of the City of Spruce Grove’s environmental programs and initiatives and identified strategies to involve the community. The work of the Task Force complemented other strategic planning efforts that are underway and built on the Municipal Development Plan. The Task Force started in March 2010 and finished in February 2011.  


  • Evaluate the City’s past and current environmental efforts
  • Review sustainability practices to reduce the carbon footprint of the community
  • Provide input on environmental targets/indicators for Your Bright Future
  • Recommend priorities and next steps for programs/initiatives
  • Recommend strategies to engage community members

The Terms of Reference PDF provides additional information on the background, role, and scope of the Task Force.


The Task Force had public, student, and council members: 

  • Mayor Stuart Houston (Chair)
  • Alderman Louise Baxter (Aldermanic member)
  • Brian Ilnicki (Public member)
  • Jeff Linton (Public member)
  • Ken Mark (Public member) 
  • Bobby Adamson (Student member)
  • Johanna Ibsen (Student member)

Final action plan and project report adopted by Council 

Council adopted the findings of the Task Force at the February 28, 2011 meeting. Review the  Environmental Sustainability Action Plan PDF and the Project Report PDF.