Workshop Themes

As part of Communities that Care, the City of Spruce Grove completed a community-based study to determine resident’s perceptions about crime and community safety in Spruce Grove.

The workshop materials posted below are the perceptions of the stakeholder groups who participated in eight face-to-face workshops conducted by Satori Consulting Ltd. The stakeholder groups surveyed include youth, seniors, the general public, the business community and community organizations.

The information posted below is part of phase one of the project and the information gathered through the workshops will determine the priorities and plans for the city’s Safe City initiative (i.e. educational programs, awareness initiatives, etc.).

We thank everyone involved for their participation, as the information from the surveys and workshops will help guide the future of the city and will help us develop effective crime prevention and community safety programs.

If you have any questions about this project, you may call City Hall at 780-962-2611.