Advertise your garage sale!

Submit the details about your garage sale using the form below by noon on the Wednesday prior to your sale.

Garage sale advertising requests will be accepted a maximum of 10 days before your sale. If you submit your garage sale date more than 10 days in advance, it will not be published. Garage sale listings will be posted on our website by noon on Thursday and will appear in the Spruce Grove Examiner on Friday.

In order to participate in the City of Spruce Grove's online garage sale advertising initiative, I certify the following:

  • I am a resident of the City of Spruce Grove and am voluntarily choosing to advertise my garage sale, held in the city of Spruce Grove, online; I will hold my garage sale on the dates and at the times specified in the ad.
  • The City of Spruce Grove may list my address on maps or other materials to promote the sale.
  • I agree to abide by the rules and bylaws pertaining to garage sales within the City of Spruce Grove (including advertising).
  • I agree I will only post signs advertising my garage sale on the residential lot that my garage sale is occurring. Signs posted in any other location (i.e. light posts, boulevards, other residents' properties) will be removed and a ticket will be issued to the advertised address.
  • I agree to hold harmless the City of Spruce Grove, the Grove Examiner External, and their officials, agents, and employees, against all claims, loss, liability, damage, and expense arising from the garage sale event and expenses arising from my participation in the garage sale event.

NOTE: Name, phone number and e-mail are for our records only and will not be published.


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