Garage Sales

We are pleased to partner with The Grove Examiner to bring back the popular garage sale advertising program for another season!

Residents of Spruce Grove who are holding a garage sale DO NOT need a permit.

Garage sale signs may be displayed for a maximum of seven days, and may only be placed on the residential lot / site where the sale is to be held.

Signs posted in any other location (i.e. light posts, boulevards, other residents' properties) will be removed and a ticket will be issued to the advertised address.

Advertise your garage sale on our website

The program will begin advertising garage sales planned for April 30–May 3, 2015, and will run until the fall. The online form to submit your garage sale advertising request will be available starting Thursday, April 23.

Submit the details about your sale using our online form by noon on Wednesday.

Garage sale listings will be posted on our website by noon on Thursday and will appear in the Spruce Grove Examiner External on Friday.

Garage sale advertising requests will be accepted a maximum of 10 days before your sale. If you submit your garage sale date more than 10 days in advance, it will not be published.

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  • Garage / yard sales must be held at a residential address located within the City of Spruce Grove's municipal boundaries.
  • To have your sale listed on our website, you must complete the online form. Hard copies of the form are available at City Hall.
  • Phone calls will not be accepted.
  • Ads for retail stores, thrift stores, consignment sales, flea markets, online sales, professional services, etc. will not be accepted.
  • The City of Spruce Grove and Spruce Grove Examiner External are not responsible for the quality of items, or any injury, damage or loss incurred by the sale or purchase of items through this service.

All ads are subject to review and approval by the City of Spruce Grove. Under no circumstances will the City of Spruce Grove or the Spruce Grove Examiner External be liable for any losses or claims relating to any errors in ads or the non-publication of any ads. By placing your ad you are deemed to have accepted the above terms.

A list of addresses will be published on this website. The list may not reflect cancellations or late additions. Sales are the responsibility of individual participants.

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