Art in Transit Photo Gallery

The City was pleased to run the Art in Transit program in 2013. Through the program, the City shared pieces from its Melcor Developments Municipal Art Collection with residents by showcasing a new piece every month on the monthly transit pass.
Spruce Grove’s January 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Ellen Andreassen and her landscape painting Moment at the Lake.Description: Moment at the Lake by Ellen Andreassen. This image captures a lake in the Glory Hills area on Ellen's family property. Ellen has many fond memories of this lake and it is a frequent subject of her paintings. The lake is fed naturally by a spring and is located in a forested area full of wildlife. As with many of her landscapes, it was completed in oil and has an abstract element to it.
Spruce Grove’s February 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Shirley Stewart and her painting Blazing Blooms.Description: Blazing Blooms by Shirley Stewart. Blazing Blooms was created from a series of approximately 50 photos taken by Shirley during a trip to Canyon Lands National Park in Utah in 2010. The cactus was hidden between the rocks; however, the sun was shining directly on it illuminating its beauty. Blazing Blooms was painted on an 18-inch by 24-inch birch gallery style board with acrylic paint.
Spruce Grove’s March 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Doug Sawka and his painting Gold Diggers.Description: Gold Diggers by Doug Sawka. The image Gold Diggers is an oil painting designed to draw attention to the importance of the oil patch to Albertan's heritage and industry. As getting access to an actual working oil rig is difficult due to safety restrictions, this image is based on the Leduc #1 site, which is now a National Historic Site (Canadian Petroleum Discovery Centre). During the annual demonstration put on by the historic site to show the public how the oil rig worked, Doug took a series of photographs which he then used to create this image.
Spruce Grove's April 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Anne S. Gartner and her photograph A Hummingbird's Moment.Description: A Hummingbird's Moment by Anne S. Gartner. Anne often takes images around her acreage in Parkland County. In this particular shot, she walked around the corner of her garage to see the hummingbird feeding on the nectar of a Delphinium plant. She felt lucky to capture this shot, taking 10 - 15 images in the process, as the hummingbird was just getting ready to fly away when she found it.
Spruce Grove’s May 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Patricia Wankiewicz and her painting Heritage Grove – May.Description: Heritage Grove – May by Patricia Wankiewicz. Pat, who has worked as a planner for the City of Spruce Grove since 2001, occasionally goes for a walk in Heritage Grove over the lunch hour. She painted the image Heritage Grove – May following one such walk during springtime a few years ago. She was inspired to capture this moment as the forest was the bright fresh green colour that comes with new growth and the marsh marigolds were just coming out.
Spruce Grove’s June 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Elaine Funnell and her painting Yellow Lillies and Painted Lady.Description: Yellow Lillies and Painted Lady by Elaine Funnell. Yellow Lillies and Painted Lady is representative of Elaine's former style of botanical painting. While her work now focuses more on detailed illustrations painted directly from her subject on a plain white background, this image is based on photographs she took and includes soft background colours to offset the flower and butterfly detail. Using watercolours, Elaine connected the Yellow Lilly flower with the Painted Lady Butterfly to create a vibrant depiction of one aspect of Alberta's rich native landscape.
Spruce Grove’s July 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Frances Alty-Arscott and her painting Northern Alberta.Description: Northern Alberta by Frances Alty-Arscott. The painting was inspired by the rolling countryside and the sparse woodlands of this province, which are typical of the area west of Edmonton. Frances loves the vibrant colours she sees in the Alberta landscape which offer incredible inspiration to her.
Spruce Grove’s August 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Doris Pinkoski and her painting Passage.Description: Passage by Doris Pinkoski. Dramatic emotions of life are depicted with strong strokes of dark and light. These are balanced with the suggestion of a quiet walk along the Heritage Grove Pathways.
Spruce Grove’s September 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Joan Healey and her Timeless Play.Description: Timeless Play by Joan Healey. Timeless Play was done for the Recreation for Life Foundation as a fundraiser. It features a grandfather taking his granddaughter to the park on a nice summer day. Everyone is active at the playground and this is what we all need from young to old – to participate and use the wonderful facilities that are made available for us. We are all so fortunate to live in such a great community.
Spruce Grove’s October 2013 transit pass showcased the work of artist Zdenka Urmila Das and her painting Alberta Fall.Description: Alberta Fall by Zdenka Urmila Das. Zdenka loves to paint what she sees around her and nature is a big part of this. When she created Alberta Fall, she wanted to capture the light piercing through the foliage and still maintain the calmness of the foreground that adds to the mystery and beauty of nature. She used different mediums to create the image. For the first layer she used watercolour, followed by acrylics to create trees and foliage and finally pastels. The pastel added the brightness she needed for contrast to create a dramatic effect.
Spruce Grove's November 2013 transit pass showcased the work of Jan Howden-Paul and the painting Power to Spare.Description: Power to Spare by Jan Howden-Paul. Artist statement: The Western Sprit has always been close to my heart. When I was a child, I pretended to ride stick horses, running up and down the hills, along the edges of sloughs and through the weeds and trees portraying the movies of Roy Rogers and many others. The Spirit of the West is so natural; a magnificent way of life, the people, the animals, and Mother Nature, all working together in harmony. Rodeo portrays the wild freedom of the animals and the powerful agility of the riders. Western Spirit at its best! That's what I love, and that's exactly what I strive to create in my paintings. My passion is Western Spirit."
Spruce Grove's December 2013 transit pass showcased the work of Rebecca Caron Lienau and her wire sculpture Doug's Dandy.Description: Doug's Dandy by Rebecca Caron Lienau. Rebecca’s medium of choice is wire because of its strength, flexibility and clean lines. She chooses the horse as her subject because she is enamored with the passion that we hold for our horses, for the uses and amusements that they provide, and for their place in history. This piece, Doug’s Dandy, was the first one she created and she was honoured when the City purchased it for its collection. It was named after Doug Baird, a county resident whose Percheron served as a model, and declared a ‘Dandy’ by her late father-in-law, Art Lienau.