Odd/even lawn watering in effect in Spruce Grove

Odd/even lawn watering in effect in Spruce Grove

Dry, hot weather leads to water shortage

The dry, hot weather experienced in the region has led to water demand exceed supply. As a result, Spruce Grove residents are being asked to follow odd/even lawn watering until further notice.

Residents with:

  • Even-numbered addresses may water on even numbered days only.
  • Odd-numbered addresses may water on odd numbered days only.

The most optimal times to water your lawn is during the morning or early evening hours (ie. 6 - 10.am. or 7 p.m. – 11 p.m.).

This measure is necessary in order to ensure that water supply from reservoirs has a chance to replenish to acceptable levels.

Water supplies will be monitored on a daily basis. If conditions do not improve, other restrictions may be put in place. Improved weather conditions and increasing reservoir levels may allow for restrictions to be relaxed.

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