Water Week is March 21-27

Water Week is March 21-27

Learn where our water comes from and how to use it responsibly

Spruce Grove residents are being reminded that small changes can make a big difference during Canada Water Week, which is March 21-27.

The average Spruce Grove resident consumes 177 litres of water a day, which, for a family of four, is 258,420 litres a year - that's more water than it would take to fill the pool at the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre!

We're on the right track, as City-wide water consumption on a per person basis has decreased 33 per cent, or around 70 litres per day, since 2004. These tips can help you make an even bigger difference in your water consumption:

  • Modern toilets can use four litres per flush, whereas old toilets can use up to 28 litres per flush. Replacing old toilets with dual-flush models can make a huge difference to your daily water consumption.
  • The City's peak usage is tied closely to the weather and outdoor watering. Your lawn also only needs 2.5 cm of water a week. To make it simple, turn a Frisbee upside down while watering your yard. Once it's full, you are done for the week.
  • Outdoor watering is most effective in the early morning or evening, since less water evaporates at these times than in the heat of the day. 
  • Rain barrels reduce storm runoff and let you reduce the amount of treated water used in your yard. Stay tuned for details on an upcoming rain barrel sale!