Water restrictions now in effect in Spruce Grove

Water restrictions now in effect in Spruce Grove

Residents asked to curtail non-essential water usage

The dry, hot weather experienced in the region has led to water demand exceed supply. As a result, the Capital Region Parkland Water Services Commission has requested its members suspend all non-essential water use.

Spruce Grove residents are being asked to refrain from using water for non-essential purposes. This restriction is necessary in order to ensure that water supply from reservoirs has a chance to replenish to acceptable levels.

Non-essential use includes:

  •  Watering your lawn
  •  Washing your car
  • Cleaning your driveway or sidewalk with water
  • Use of sprinklers and soaker hoses
  • Filling of pools and water fountains

The restriction does not affect watering newly laid sod or newly planted trees.

In addition to the appeal to the public to curtail their non-essential water use, the City will also be refraining from non-essential water use. This includes the suspension of fire training as well as hydrant and water main flushing. The City also uses non-potable water from a well to water flowers, trees and other landscaped areas.

Water supplies will be monitored on a daily basis. Improved weather conditions and increasing reservoir levels resulting from non-essential water use may allow for restrictions to be relaxed. If conditions do not improve, mandatory restrictions may be put in place.

Updates will be provided through the City website and through signage placed at the main entrances to residential neighbourhoods when they become available.

The water commission, along with the City, realizes that this is an inconvenience and would like to thank residents for their cooperation.