Council approves updated water conservation plan

Council approves updated water conservation plan

Program will guide conservation programs and initiatives

Spruce Grove City Council has approved an updated water conservation plan, Blueprint for Success 2016 - 2020 PDF.

The updated report, which was approved during a May 9 council meeting, includes a detailed review of past consumption trends. The report shows current residential consumption for Spruce Grove is at 177 litres per capita per day (LCD), which is well below the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association target for 2020 of 195 LCD.

"This shows all the hard work Spruce Grove residents have been doing to reduce their water consumption is paying off," says Caitlin Van Gaal, Environmental Coordinator with the City.

The report has also set a consumption target of 165 LCD by 2025.

"We want to ensure that as our population grows, we don't lose ground on the progress we've made," adds Van Gaal. "As a community there is always more we can do to reduce our impact and by following the programs and initiatives outlined in the updated plan, we believe this target is achievable."

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