Spruce Grove ranked safest community in Allstate’s 2015 Safe Driving Study

Spruce Grove ranked safest community in Allstate’s 2015 Safe Driving Study

Collision frequency decreases in Spruce Grove despite increasing trend across Canada

While the number of motor vehicle collisions is increasing across Canada, drivers in the City of Spruce Grove are involved in far fewer collisions each year.

According to Allstate's 2015 Safe Driving Study, out of the 101 communities ranked, Spruce Grove is the safest with a collision frequency of 3.43 per cent.

Across Canada, motor vehicle collisions have increased by 7.3 per cent while collisions in Spruce Grove have decreased by 19 per cent.

"Fire Services and Enforcement Services are working very hard to promote safe driving habits through Spruce Grove's traffic safety strategy," said Spruce Grove Fire Chief Robert Kosterman.

"Being named the safest community is a tremendous accomplishment for the drivers in Spruce Grove. Ten years ago, Spruce Grove was not included in Allstate's annual study. However, after placing a significant focus on speed and intersection safety, we are proud of the work and meaningful improvements that our drivers have made."

Since the traffic safety strategy first launched in 2010, the City has targeted and maintained an approximate 20 per cent reduction in collisions every two years.

"Spruce Grove's engineering department also plays a key role in creating safe streets for our residents," Kosterman said. "By designing safe streets in the initial planning stages and redesigning intersections identified as high collision locations, we are actively reducing the opportunity for collisions."

The Safe Driving Study uses Allstate Canada data to track collision frequency among Allstate Canada customers in Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Ontario.

The study found that rear-end collisions and collisions that occur in intersections are the two most likely kinds of collisions to occur in Canada.

Kosterman reminds motorists that speeding and following too close are often contributing factors in these types of collisions. "When you're behind the wheel, remember to leave enough room between you and the vehicle in front of you and always follow the posted speed limit," he said.

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