Drivers reminded to slow down following reports of vehicle travelling at excessive speeds

Drivers reminded to slow down following reports of vehicle travelling at excessive speeds

Update! At approximately 4:29 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 21, one of the suspects, who kept referring to himself as “Doc”, was nearly apprehended by several City of Spruce Grove Community Peace Officers. But just as they were getting ready to take him in, a young teenage boy on a floating skateboard distracted the group and both Doc and the DeLorean got away. Officials will continue to investigate and are specifically interested in learning more about a vehicle component called a flux capacitor. “We hope that wherever he is going, he won’t need roads,” said Communications Manager Jennifer Hetherington of the mystery man. “And for those of us who do travel on roads, we’d like to remind drivers to slow down and obey traffic laws to help keep our streets safe.”

Following reports of a vehicle being driven at excessive speeds this morning, Spruce Grove Enforcement Services and Spruce Grove Fire Services are reminding residents to slow down.

The vehicle was described as a 1983 silver DeLorean DMC-12 and occupied by two individuals: a man estimated to be in his 50s with dishevelled white hair and a teenage boy. Both appeared to be wearing vintage clothing from the 1980s.

There are reports from one witness who says he heard "Great Scott!" being shouted from the vehicle.

A Community Peace Officer who spotted the vehicle was able to record it going at speeds approaching 88 miles per hour. The officer followed the vehicle over a hill, but at that point the vehicle was out of sight and there were two long strips of fire on the road preventing the officer from pursuing the vehicle.

Spruce Grove Fire Services responded to and extinguished the fires, which are under investigation.

"Following this somewhat mysterious incident, we'd like to remind everyone that speeding is dangerous and one of the leading causes of collisions in the area," says Spruce Grove Fire Chief Robert Kosterman. "By slowing down and obeying traffic laws, we can all ensure the future will arrive for everyone."

Back to the Future Delorean Suspect vehicle driving at excessive speeds almost as if it was travelling back to the future.