ETS Route 197’s downtown Edmonton path is changing

ETS Route 197’s downtown Edmonton path is changing

Route revised to accommodate new LRT line

To make sure that commuting is as smooth as possible during Edmonton's extended period of urban enhancement, ETS Route 197 will receive slight modifications to its downtown path, effective June 29, 2015.

Morning trips will head south on 101 Street and turn onto 104 Avenue as usual. Then the bus will turn down 105 Street and east onto Jasper Avenue before making its way northbound on 97 Street through to 103A Avenue. Afternoon trips will start out at 103A Avenue following the revised route in reverse (97 Street, Jasper Avenue, 105 Street, 104 Avenue, 101 Street) before continuing with its usual path (NAIT area and on to Spruce Grove).

The route has been lengthened south to Jasper Avenue to avoid the closure of 102 Avenue. This closure will allow for work to begin on the new Southeast LRT (Valley Line). Other downtown streets will be closed temporarily or permanently to support general downtown building construction, the Edmonton Arena District and various festival activities.
ETS Route 197’s downtown Edmonton path is changing

Why has the route been shortened from 107 St. to 105 St.?

In both the morning and afternoon runs, the level of congestion in the core will be increasing from current levels. By moving the route east to 105 St. the amount of time in the downtown core remains the same, whereas keeping to 107 St. would take considerably longer - driving up costs and resulting in possible fare increase. The revised route attempts to balance most bus patron's needs while maintaining mobility through downtown.

There is a new stop at the Kingsway-Royal Alexandra Hospital, is the plan to stop service there so that Spruce Grove riders will have to transfer to the LRT line?

No. This stop was added for the convenience of those who take the LRT to the U of A and the south side. There are no current plans to discontinue service to downtown; however, we do continually monitor stops to ensure that they are effective for the majority of riders.

Will the LRT affect timing in the Kingsway area?

Yes. The LRT will be a surface route, so it will affect traffic turning onto 111 Ave. east and westbound. We are monitoring this issue and route changes in this area may take place in the fall.

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