RCMP respond to complaint involving imitation gun

RCMP respond to complaint involving imitation gun

Public reminded to use fake firearms in safe, responsible manner

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, at approximately 8 a.m. the Stony Plain/Spruce Grove/Enoch RCMP responded to a complaint of a male employee who showed up at his place of work with a firearm.

Police arrived at the business and set up a containment area. The male was soon located and detained and at this time, it was discovered that the firearm was an imitation firearm. No one was injured.

RCMP would like to remind the public of the potential risks involved with possessing an imitation gun in public places. Imitation firearms can pose a safety hazard as they often create fear and panic when people see them in public places. An imitation gun can easily be mistaken for a real gun, which could have serious or even deadly consequences.

Due to the threat to the public, police take firearms complaints seriously and will respond quickly with appropriate resources, tactics and level of force.

Please use imitation guns in a safe, responsible and lawful manner:

  • Never play with an imitation gun in public places such as malls, parks or schools.
  • Use air gun imitations only at designated play areas, gun ranges or on private land outside of the city.
  • Do not point an imitation gun at another person, even if you are joking.
  • Handle air gun imitations with care to avoid injuries and consider taking a safety class.
  • Set rules for children playing with imitation guns so they understand the dangers of misusing them.
  • Keep imitation guns out of sight and locked in a case to prevent misunderstandings, accidents or theft.
  • If you are carrying an imitation gun and are approached by police, put the gun down and obey their instructions.