Organics collection moves to monthly pickup for winter

Organics collection moves to monthly pickup for winter

Organics collection will take place once a month in Dec., Jan., Feb. and March

Weekly organics collection has wrapped up for the season and switches to monthly collection for the winter. Monthly organics collection will take place during the second full week of the month in December, January, February and March.

Residents can expect their green organics cart to be picked up on their regular collection day during the weeks of Dec. 14, Jan. 11, Feb. 8 and March 14.

In continuing efforts to reduce waste, the City encourages residents to use their green organics carts for food waste and soiled paper products — like paper towels and pizza boxes — during the winter months.

Common items that can go into a green organics cart may include food scraps, coffee grounds, dryer lint, tissue paper and wet newsprint. In total, approximately one-third of all household waste is organic material that should be put into a green organics cart for composting.

Residents can use the City’s online waste resource, Trim Your Trash, to determine exactly what can go in their green cart. This online guide allows residents to look up and learn how to properly dispose of specific waste items.

To prevent organic waste from freezing to the side of the green organics cart, residents can line their cart with newspaper and layer wet and dry waste.

This is the second year that Spruce Grove will collect organics through the winter months. Weekly organics collection will resume mid-April 2016.

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