Spruce Grove growth study launched

Spruce Grove growth study launched

Determining future growth options for the next 50 years

At the April 20 Committee of the Whole meeting, the City of Spruce Grove’s Growth Study was officially launched. The study will investigate options for the City’s growth, including land requirements for the next 50 years. The City has retained ISL Engineering and Land Services, CORVUS Business Advisors and Strategic Projections Inc. to undertake the Growth Study. A growth study is a comprehensive look at the trends of a municipality’s growth over time. It investigates historic population growth, demographics as well as land supply and absorption to project how and where the City’s growth should occur in the future. The study takes into consideration serviceability, fiscal impacts, opportunities and constraints.

Typically, growth studies are commissioned to determine appropriate directions to grow beyond municipal boundaries as a result of dwindling land supply within current municipal boundaries.

The City has a policy requirement to maintain a land supply of 25 years for each of residential, commercial and industrial land uses. An analysis undertaken in 2013 determined the City had approximately a 19-year supply of residential land, 39-year supply of commercial land, and 59-year supply of industrial land. As such, the study is anticipated to focus on determining future residential growth directions for the next 25 years and beyond, to at least a 50-year horizon.

The study will include information sharing and engagement opportunities with Council, Parkland County, the Town of Stony Plain, residents, potentially affected landowners and other key stakeholders.

The City’s Growth Study is a three-phase project scheduled for completion in mid-2016.

“It is expected that the first stage will be completed by early fall of 2015. Council will consider the growth options presented and make a decision on which option to further analyze. Stage two of the project is the detailed financial analysis of the preferred option with further discussion and confirmation by council. The third phase, public and stakeholder engagement, will occur following this confirmation and is expected to begin in early 2016 with final reports scheduled for completion by mid-2016,” explained Corey Levasseur, the City’s General Manager of Planning and Infrastructure.

The Growth Study will provide City Council with the technical information necessary to make a decision to accommodate the City’s growth potential over the next 50 years.

Find out more about the Growth Study or review the Frequently Asked Questions.