Millgrove student named Fire Chief for the Day

Millgrove student named Fire Chief for the Day

Callie Kowalczyk talks fire prevention and safety tips

Callie Kowalczyk, a Grade 3 student at Millgrove School, looked quite comfortable in the Spruce Grove Fire Services helmet and gear as she became Fire Chief for the Day, on Nov. 16.

Picked up from school by firefighters in one Spruce Grove’s pump trucks, Callie was brought to the fire hall for a tour and to discuss the importance of fire prevention and what to do in case of a fire emergency.

“The batteries in smoke alarms need to be changed every six months,” Callie says. “And if there is a fire, and you’re in a room that’s filling with smoke, drop and crawl to the door. If the door is hot, don’t go through it. Look for a window or another door.”

As chief, Callie ran a number of firefighter training exercises, accompanied Spruce Grove firefighters on service calls, conducted uniform checks and participated in a fire alarm inspection at the Border Paving Athletic Centre.

Fire Chief for the Day is an annual initiative organized by Spruce Grove Fire Services that promotes fire safety and prevention to elementary aged students in Spruce Grove.