Attention all dog owners!

Attention all dog owners!

It’s time to register or renew your dog licence

The time is now for residents in Spruce Grove to register and license their canine family members with the City of Spruce Grove.

Whether you welcomed a furry friend into your clan last year or you already had a four-legged resident at home, dogs six months of age or older are required to be registered and licensed with the City of Spruce Grove.

Owners who have previously licensed their dogs are required to renew their dog licences between Jan. 4 and 31, however licensing a dog for the first time can be done at any point throughout the year. Once a dog is six months of age, it is required that they be licensed. If your dog is unlicensed, come to City Hall to purchase an annual licence.

The cost to license a dog that is spayed or neutered is $15 per year. To license a dog that is not spayed or neutered, it is $30 per year. To qualify for the reduced rate, owners must provide a veterinarian certificate as proof of spay/neuter. There is no charge for seeing eye dogs, hearing ear dogs, wheelchair assist dogs, and search and rescue dogs whose owners are members of a recognized association.

Dog owners who have previously licensed their dog will receive a letter in the mail, reminding them to renew their dog licence in January. Dog licence renewal payments can be made online through most financial institutions.

If you receive a renewal reminder in the mail and you no longer have a dog, please contact us Email to update your file.

Pet owners who do not license their dog are at risk of receiving a $250 to $300 fine.

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