City of Spruce Grove response to Fort McMurray fire

City of Spruce Grove response to Fort McMurray fire

Spruce Grove Fire Services providing support to neighbouring communities

In response to the fire in Fort McMurray, Spruce Grove Fire Services is providing support to our regional partners who are sending equipment and staff to Fort McMurray. This will ensure adequate resourcing is in place if fire support is needed in the City of Spruce Grove, Parkland County or the Town of Stony Plain.

The City has staff on standby to ensure the region is covered for any events. As well, staff may be called on in the coming days to go and relieve crews in Fort McMurray as needed. This would include all municipal services such as Fire Services and Public Works.

The City has also been in contact with the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre and emergency social services personnel to be on standby to potentially accept evacuees if we are called upon for assistance.

Residents who wish to help are being asked to make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross External.

Anyone who has been evacuated from Fort McMurray can call the Alberta Red Cross at 1-888-350-6070 to register or inquire.

In regards to local fire bans, approved and permitted residential fire pits do not pose a significant fire hazard; however, commercial and industrial fire permits are suspended and no new permits are being issued at this time.

Further updates will be provided as necessary.