Grade 6 students participate in mock election

Grade 6 students participate in mock election

Opportunity to learn about voting process and connect it with school curriculum

A group of local Grade 6 students elected Justin Timberlake as Spruce Grove's mayor in a mock election designed to teach them about municipal elections and the voting process.

City staff organized the mock election day for approximately 450 students from five area schools. Held on March 7 at Elks Hall, the mock election included an overview of municipal government and city council, as well as information on running for office, who can vote in an election and how to complete a ballot. Members of Spruce Grove City Council were on hand to assist with the presentation and answer any questions.

"This is the first time we have organized a full-day mock election for area students," said Carolynn Grey, Deputy City Clerk. "We viewed it as a great opportunity to teach them about elections and the voting process to hopefully help form the habit of citizen engagement at an early age."

It also connected with Grade 6 school curriculum on elections and voting, so the timing was ideal. Prior to the mock election, teachers were provided with a list of candidates and their platforms so they could discuss them in class and talk with students about making an educated vote.

As part of the mock election, students were able to complete a real ballot to vote for the offices of mayor and aldermen. The ballots were electronically tabulated on site using the same type of equipment that is used during a real election to provide students with an authentic experience.

At the end of the day, Justin Timberlake emerged as mayor, while Selena Gomez, Aubrey "Drake" Graham, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were voted in as aldermen.

Spruce Grove residents will officially go to the voting station this fall, as the next municipal election will be held on Monday, Oct. 16, 2017.

Official results for the 2017 student mock election 

Office of Mayor
BUBLÉ, Michael 75
CYRUS, Miley 64
TIMBERLAKE, Justin 221 - elected


Office of Alderman
BIEBER, Justin 149
GOMEZ, Selena 201 - elected
GRAHAM, Aubrey “Drake” 208 - elected
GRANDE, Ariana 226 - elected
JONAS, Nick 155
LOVATO, Demi 180 - elected
PERRY, Katy 191 - elected
SWIFT, Taylor 214 - elected


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