Weekly organics collection will resume on April 10

Weekly organics collection will resume on April 10

Feed your green organics cart with kitchen scraps and soiled paper products

Starting the week of Monday, April 10, green organics carts will be picked up on your regular collection day as weekly organics collection resumes in Spruce Grove. To ensure your green and black carts are successfully collected, cart lids must be completely closed.

In continuing efforts to reduce waste, the City encourages residents to feed their green organics carts with kitchen waste and soiled paper products, like banana peels, meat scraps, pizza boxes and paper towels.

In total, more than half of all your household waste is organic material that should be put into a green organics cart for composting. This includes common items such as fruit and vegetable peelings, bones, coffee grounds, tissue paper and wet newsprint.

Not sure what goes where? Use Trim Your Trash, the City's online waste resource to learn how to properly dispose of specific items - be it in your green organics cart, a blue recycling bag, the Eco Centre of your black waste cart.

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