Free Wireless Internet

Spruce Grove Wi-Fi logo.Free Wi-Fi is available at the Agrena, Central Park, Rotary Playscape and Fuhr Sports Park from 6 a.m. to midnight on the SG_Free_Internet network. Anyone can connect to the network. You do not need a username or password to connect.

Wi-Fi is available at the Agrena in both rinks and in the curling club area. Central Park has Wi-Fi coverage from the far south side of the park to the Lions Log Cabin. At Fuhr Sports Park, Wi-Fi is available in the top-level seating area, on the bleachers and also covers all of Rotary Playscape.

There are risks associated with using unsecured networks. The following disclaimer will show up when connecting:

  • This free service is an open network provided for your convenience and its use is at your own risk. It is available to the general public, and is NOT INHERENTLY SECURE. The providers cannot and do not guarantee the privacy of your data and communication while using the service.
  • There are potentially serious security issues with any computer connected to the Internet without the appropriate protection, ranging from viruses, worms and other programs that can damage the user's computer, to attacks on the computer by unauthorized or unwanted third parties.
  • By using this service, you acknowledge and knowingly accept the potentially serious risks of accessing the Internet over an unsecured network.
  • It is recommended that users take steps to protect their own computer system, such as installing current anti-virus software and maintaining appropriate firewall protection. For further information on how to protect yourself on this open network, consult a security professional.
  • As the configuration of each manufacturer's device is unique, please refer to the documentation provided with your device for connection instructions.
  • The City of Spruce Grove is unable to assist users in connecting devices.

You must accept the disclaimer to connect to the free Wi-Fi network. 

Free Wi-Fi is also available at the Spruce Grove Public Library* External and the TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre* External

* membership required


Call 780-962-2611 or send e-mail Email

Free Wi-Fi locations

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